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On Container xChange, get freight forwarding software that makes finding quality boxes and managing container operations simple and efficient, from start to finish.

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Tired of unreliable freight forwarding software causing issues for you and your customers? Want a platform where you can track boxes, manage payments, find container deals, and keep tabs on bookings, without constantly switching between accounts? Our Container Control platform is the all-in-one freight forwarding solution you’ve been searching for.

Container xChange is a neutral and transparent marketplace for leasing, buying, and selling shipping containers of all types and sizes. Our platform connects you with over 1,500 trusted partners, and gives you access to containers in 2,500+ locations around the globe.

Once you’re a member on xChange, you’ll have access to our exclusive Container Control platform at no extra cost. Want to learn more about how you can simplify your logistics once and for all? Click below to talk to one of our friendly experts today.

Integrated freight forwarding management solution: Container Control

With our Container Control platform, you can finally manage your freight forwarding operations from end-to-end:

Near-real time tracking

Keep track of your container movements and receive regular updates directly from depos.

Get ETAs and stay ahead of any delays or potential issues.

Secure payments

Select and pay for containers right on the platform, using the xChange wallet.

Keep track of your payment history, and receive just one monthly invoice.

All-in-one platform

Select containers, negotiate deals, track boxes from pick up to drop off, and keep up to date with industry trends. All in one place.

Collect client bookings

Keep records of all container bookings with shippers and partners on the xChange platform.

Connect bookings to container release orders (references) and monitor container and booking updates.

Manage references

Add references to keep track of your containers, on one single dashboard. It couldn’t be easier!

Add suppliers quickly and easily, even if they’re not members on the Container xChange platform.

Freight forwarding software solutions we offer at Container xChange

Lease containers on our neutral and transparent marketplace

Find SOC containers to lease in over 2,500 locations worldwide.

Once you’re a member of Container xChange, it’s quick and convenient to increase your operational flexibility and find trustworthy and reliable partners for one-way container moves.

Send out requests to over 1,500 certified partners in just minutes, and find the exact boxes you’re looking for, at even better rates.

Want to see just how easy it is to find quality SOCs on Container xChange? We’ve got everything from standard dry containers and reefers to flat racks and double doors. Click below to start searching for the boxes you need right away.

Find SOCs

leasing platform

Track your shipping containers in real-time

Track all of your boxes in one convenient place, with accurate, up-to-date tracking data. Receive alerts whenever container movements require your attention.

Get a global view of your container fleet, and share ETAs, delays and rollovers with clients.

Be the first to find out about hold ups and issues, so that you can communicate to partners, save on follow-up costs and avoid disruptions.

Want to see how our tracking software works? Click below to set up a demo with one of our friendly experts today.

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Get up-to-date logistics insights and data on our Insights platform

Get a global view of container prices in over 60 locations around the world on our xChange Insights platform.

Keep up-to-date on the cheapest and most expensive locations to lease, buy and sell boxes in.

Data is updated daily, simply log on and stay informed with our real-time prices.

Use our interactive map to see the locations with current container availability, and find the best spots to buy containers within your budget.

Sign up for Insights now and get a sneak peak of the platform! Click below to get started today.

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Trading Insights

What is a freight forwarding management solution?

Freight forwarding management software is designed to streamline the entire freight forwarding process, from start to finish. It’s designed for all companies that deal with logistics operations, freight management and freight brokering for international and domestic shipping.

This includes sourcing containers easily and at good rates, producing shipping documents, managing bookings and references, and invoice and payment tracking.

On Container xChange, we have the complete freight forwarding solution you’re looking for. Click below to schedule a demo of our easy-to-use platform.

Your digital freight forwarding software solution with Container xChange

Lease containers for one-way moves

Lease containers of all types and sizes on our transparent leasing platform.

Negotiate rates directly with partners, so you get a price that fits your budget.

10,000+ containers available globally

We have 10,000+ containers of all types available on our platform.

Find the container type you need, in the location you need, anytime you need.

Find containers at the best rates

On Container xChange, you get complete market price transparency.

Compare the rates of multiple offers in one dashboard to shortlist containers within your budget.

Use our trusted network

Connect with 1,500+ reliable and trustworthy partners on our platform.

All members are vetted to ensure a safe and seamless experience on Container xChange.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular types of freight forwarding services?

The most popular types of freight forwarding services include 1) Sea freight services 2) Rail freight services 3) Air freight services 4) Road freight services and 5) Customers broker services

What is freight forwarding software?

Freight forwarding is designed for companies that deal with logistics operations, freight management and freight brokering for international and domestic shipping. This software helps to manage ocean, air and road shipments.

What is the difference between freight forwarding and logistics?

Logistics companies own their own vessel fleets, intermodal trucks or planes, whereas freight forwarding companies manage the entire process, without owning the assets themselves. Usually, logistics companies specialize in specific routes or types of shipping, such as long haul, dry shipping, cold storage or large scale shipping.

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